Age, Obesity, Domestic Dating Sites - Why Go To The Ukraine?

Recently I thought about the marriage of my grandparents who emigrated from Italy many years ago. Their relationship ran smoothly according to the gender roles that had developed over generations in the old country. Then I thought about what I have learned about the women of Ukraine and what they seek.

The women of Ukraine understand gender roles well and are raised to be loving wives and mothers first, and earners second. This is not set in stone. It is just what generations of their culture have developed.

The divorce rate in America is alarming. It is as high as 50% and climbing. In California it is close to 60%! Of course, sometimes the reasons are valid. But here is a shocking statistic. The majority of filings are done by women! Sometimes, of course, there is good reason for this.

I continue to travel to Ukraine often, as I have friends there and enjoy the country. This has enabled me to assist good hearted men like yourself find a worthy life partner.

If you don’t look like a movie star or have a lot of money, your odds in America are very limited. Why? According to the 2010 census there are a few more men than women here.

American society is very age conscious. Women “Cougars” can easily date guys younger than themselves. Women can survive quite nicely if they have good job skills. Then, there is feminism and other cultural issues. The reality is that our odds here are severely limited.

It is your choice to stay here and go to the local bar or go on Match or eHarmony. How is that working for you?

Will you go home married after your trip? Of course not. Will you land a 20 year old super model in a bikini if you are 50? Not likely. Will you meet great girls if you have your priorities in place? The odds are very high. It happens over and over again.

Those who want nothing else but to bash this process are small, angry people with an agenda. Do they offer any real help or services to you? Of course not. Who are they? Unfortunately, they may be among your family or friends. Do your own research. If you are able, talk to guys who have found success.

Age Prejudice in America

Anyone who has traveled internationally will notice a significant difference regarding age in other countries. Americans worship youth and show little respect for age. Americans spend billions to address this from lotions and potions to plastic surgery. It is rarely the case in Ukraine.

If you are in your twenties, thirties or even early forties, this may not have much impact on your search for a life partner. However if you are anywhere above, your options in America are greatly limited.

This does not apply to celebrities of course – just regular guys like ourselves. We all know that this cuts both ways – men and women. If a person is blessed with much to offer in looks and assets, they can attract younger partners, of course.

Typically American women are not willing to suffer an age difference as small as five years. They may seek someone their own age or even younger.

As further support for this notion, domestic “matchmaker” agencies will charge a double fee for a guy seeking a ten year age difference. Have you ever seen the show “The Millionaire Matchmaker”?

To test this idea, I posted an honest entry including pictures and a detailed commentary on a very popular domestic dating website with one exception – I lowered my age by ten years.

I sent a significant amount of introduction notes to various women of appropriate age that seemed interesting. Many did not reply at all. A small amount replied with interest. However, I received several rejection notes.

Most of the rejection notes I received mentioned the age difference as the reason for a lack of interest, even though it was minimal. What is a nice guy supposed to do? If you also have other challenging factors like less than average looks, a few pounds overweight, a struggling income, not as much hair as you used to have or live in a remote part of our country – it can be even more difficult, if not impossible.

Well, the good news is that age difference and physical appearance are typically not an issue in the Ukraine. I can personally attest to this and have witnessed it often. It is a sound recommendation that the lady be in your generation – perhaps by 10 or 15 years. However, you will discover that this can be extended on occasion.

It really comes down to the type of guy you are. If you are a gentleman offering monogamy and a stable lifestyle, you will do well. You don’t have to look like a movie star or have a lot of money. The odds are all in your favor as the local men do not offer what you can. The women who seek happiness know this well.

“Wastin’ our time on cheap talk and wine . . .” — The Eagles

So forget about domestic dating sites, blind dates and bars. Educate yourself with all that the internet and literature has to offer. When you are ready, book a trip to Ukraine - very few guys do.

The Shame of America – Obesity

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention the obesity rate for adults in America is 36.5%! Worse yet for adults between 40 and 59 it is an unbelievable 40.2%! Now this obviously includes men and women whether married or not. However, it certainly includes many women who could be potential dating partners.

Perhaps you have heard that America is now the fattest country on Earth! This is very sad for our country, of course, but makes it even more difficult to find a worthy partner domestically. It severely limits your dating choices. A person who suffers from obesity has a BMI (body mass index) of 30.0 or higher.

Overweight or even obese women make up a significant percentage of available dating partners domestically. While we should avoid being judgmental, this is something to consider. Of course sometimes there are sad medical reasons for obesity. However, society and the advertising industry have made this acceptable or even inevitable! There are several dating sites using “curves” in their title!

You will discover that this distressing situation is far from universal. It is very rare to see an overweight or even obese Ukrainian woman. Private cars are expensive and rare, so they walk frequently. The result is obvious.

Domestic Dating Sites

You may have been down this road. Perhaps you have had some success, but the odds are against you for a variety of reasons. Sure, there are many sincere, attractive women on some dating sites. However, anyone with a credit card (some are free) can post a profile. Of course the photos may or may not reflect reality. Scams are frequent. Some dating sites are in 150 countries.

I can recall beginning a communication on one dating site with an attractive woman who claimed to be in my area, only to discover that she lived in Malaysia. Next, of course, she asked for money! So, scams? You don’t have to go to overseas for this to happen. It can happen right in your backyard.

American men are at a big disadvantage on some dating sites. Why? First of all there are over 50 million single marriage age folks in the US. They are about equal in gender although there are a few more men. I have mentioned earlier about the age prejudice in America. It is almost impossible for a guy to date a woman more than 5 years his junior unless you have a lot of money or look fantastic. No wonder guys seek to expand their search area abroad. It makes a lot of sense for this and many other reasons.

So, here are some statistics:

  • Over 50 million singles
  • About 40 million have tried online dating
  • $1.2 billion in yearly revenue for dating sites
  • 15 million members in eHarmony worldwide
  • 21 million members in Match in 150 countries
  • 18 months courtship when meeting online
  • 42 months courtship offline
  • 17% marriages when meeting online.

Book a flight and have the opportunity to meet hundreds of beautiful, marriage minded women in a matter of days. Match or any other site cannot do this for you.

Nothing will happen until you get on a plane and meet them.

New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions are always amusing to me. I have kept very few in the past. Perhaps because they were frivolous or too challenging. Perhaps you have had the same experience.

There is nothing wrong with setting one for yourself such as getting in shape, but let’s consider your desire to find happiness with a life partner.

Perhaps you have had a sincere interest and desire for this year or even more. So, here is a question. What have you done to make that dream come true?

If you want a great resolution for this year, here it is: “I resolve to go to Ukraine and actually meet ladies that meet my criteria before the end of the New Year.”

Here is how you can assure yourself that this resolution will not be forgotten in February like so many others in the past. If possible, place a reservation for a changeable airfare ticket to Ukraine in the near future. Once you have done this for yourself, it will serve as a great incentive to travel and complete your resolution.

Also resolve to learn as much as you can.

“But you know that when the truth is told, that you can get what you want or you can just get old. You got your passion, you got your pride, but don’t you know that only fools are satisfied?”

Vienna – Billy Joel