As a woman, I hope every man on the planet reads this book!

I am also an author of a book about dating. It is beyond rare for me to endorse a book about dating written by a man. That is because most of them treat women as objects and men as sex crazed fiends who only want to know how they can get as much sex as possible on a regular basis. This book will teach men who are looking for a great partnership with a woman exactly how to get what they want. Oh, and for those of you men out there who responded to that statement, “But I am a sex crazed fiend who just wants to know how I can get as much sex as possible on a regular basis.” I have this to say to you–getting into a great relationship with a fantastic woman and being a quality man/great spouse is, in fact, the number one best way to get as much sex as possible on a regular basis! Logical?!

This book respects men and women and gives clear solid advice that will definitely improve all of our love lives! It is fun to read and easy to digest. If your not getting what you want out of your love life, get this book!

This book is also great for women to read. One of the biggest things that prevents women from attaining the love life they desire is that they do not understand men and what their dilemmas and confusions are. This book will be invaluable in helping you with that.

My favorite part has got to be the part about hygiene. It has never ceased to amaze me that men don’t already know some of this stuff, and yet they don’t. Someone had to tell them and Bob Wray is just the man for the job.

I was surprised at the number of reviews posted here by men. I was also surprised at how wrong they were. If men want to know what it takes to be successful dating quality women – it’s all here. I gave copies of this book to my brother and two of his friends as well as the guy I’m currently seeing. We have had many long discussions about the topics in this book. While we don’t always agree, I think he understands what I need for our relationship to continue to grow.

If you are looking for easy sex, you already know where to go. No book is going to help you there. If you want to date someone worthwhile, I strongly recommend that you read this book and/or others like it. It’s your choice. I know that I’m very happy now as things have really improved with my guy.

By the way, I’ve also had many discussions with my girlfriends about the book. Again, not everyone agrees about everything, but we all agree that for the most part this book is right on the money.

Before I read this book, I had no clue what women wanted! It contains answers to so many questions that I’ve had. I now feel confident enough to talk to any woman I choose.

Guys, pick up this book. You won’t be disappointed!

Thank fully this book is for men who are interested in dating outside the ‘meat market’ scenario. It’s about relating to people and knowing yourself well enough to present a positive image while you’re trying to get to know others. Robert Wray presents practical, non threatening advice for men that will not send mixed messages to women. If men behave in this manner the women they encounter will be sure that their intentions are noble. I think it’s important to make a woman feel like you respect her enough to behave like a gentleman instead of treating her like a sexual object and hoping for the best.

Mr. Wray isn’t judgmental for the most part. His introduction is a disclaimer. Lots of books have them. He’s saying, “I wrote the book with these type of people in mind.” Others can read the book and benefit as well, however; the book is geared for those with the intent of dating and creating a healthy relationship. He is very clear and upfront about this, and his candid nature made me trust him to steer me straight as a reader.

I would recommend this book to any one who just feels like they aren’t handling the awkward parts of intial dating. I think too, he gives insights for all the parts of the relationships. Following a lot of the practical advice has been a confidence builder for me, and opened my eyes to a lot of small things that I wasn’t previously aware of.

This book is different from many books on the subject. Robert Wray’s A Man’s Field Guide to Dating’s observations and insights stand out because of their sincerity. The author’s quest to both find answers to successful dating, and to then pass them on to the rest of us, comes across as very heartfelt. It is that organic nature of the writing that establishes such a lasting connection with the reader. No stupid rules, just straight talk. Very gutsy, indeed.

I’ve read this book many times and highlighted all the things that I use every day. It works! It works for both men and women. I have had a great deal of success using Bob’s technique’s. He’s knowledgeable, smart, and “in tune” with dating and mating. This book really helped me clear my head. And gave me a whole new outlook to dating. I have totally change my perspective on dating.

No more stressful times when it comes to trying to meet someone. I now enjoy going out to meet women. The cover was great, and format of the book was easy to go through. Nicely done!

I found this book to be very comprehensive. The chapters on talking to women were especially useful. If you’re shy, this is the book for you. It also covers other areas of your life that can improve your chances for success. For example, finances, working out, etc.

What I liked was that the information came from women and was written by a guy just like me. If you want a date-read the book!

This book is best book about dating in the history of recorded literature! It is simple and easy to understand. There is none of that philosophical nonsense that is typically portrayed in relationship books written by women. A small price to pay for information that could change the rest of your life!

I would recommend it to anyone looking to give themselves the best chance they can when dating.
It worked for me and I am very happy with the advice given in the book.

Somewhere I was recommended to buy this book but I cannot recall where. It is very well-written and very readable, but it is also very, very good. It is succinct and to the point, it uses words sparingly and is not glib, no, not at all ! It is a book about why relationships screw up…not for teenagers, or twenties, but for men of all ages…….they make bad choices for good reasons, but the wrong reasons – cart before horse – and they pursue the object of desire without really knowing the person….yes we have all done this……it seems so good…at the time……but that awkward feeling comes when you wonder if this is quite right and how did I miss that, why did I ?

Well, this book hopes we learn from our mistakes and read it before we rush to repeat them. I like it, it is not full of psychological babble and sentimentalism…….it is a book for men written by a man who found himself amid the ruins looking to start out again without the naive enthusiasm of youth to guide him into repeating the past, but probably with the painful thought of wondering how he had got into that position the first time around.

I feel I can learn from this book…….anyway, I am enjoying reading it and I am reading it slowly………I sometimes wonder if sometimes my dates found me rather than vice-versa, and that somewhere they thought I was there to solve their problems and service their needs only. Maybe, this book will show me when to switch on the hazard lights.

If, like myself, you are naturally introvert it may still be difficult to apply the techniques discussed for winning the date in the first place but the advice is completely flawless. Personally I “won” the dates by using an online dating agency which is one of the topics briefly discussed in the publication. If I hadn’t read this book before hand I doubt I would have the same confidence in the dating situation and the dates may not have transpired to be as successful.

Consequently this book has really worked for me, I am now dating women who I would previously of assumed would not look twice at me, though there is no magic formula to gain the confidence to attract women other than to question your assumptions and get yourself out there and do it by whatever means.

Mr. Wray’s book is the perfect book for any man looking to increase his chances for meeting the perfect woman. After having read the book, I am certain that men of all ages and situations could benefit from its wisdom. The author gives clear, easy to understand advice that is 100% applicable to the current dating scene. It gives great information on what women want, what to expect and most importantly, how to conduct yourself. If you are someone who has trouble meeting women or is just a little unsure of some things, I strongly urge you to buy this book. It is worth every penny and is packed with valuable information you’ll be thankful to learn!

Having read this book in entirety, I highly recommend it for both men and women! Men need to know what women really want and like.

Women can get a better insight into both the positive and negative aspects of male dating behavior, helping them to make good choices. The book can clearly get one through the dating process to a successful outcome. There is nothing that has not been covered in this book. I have recommended it to male and female friends and family. Five stars from all of them!

One day, while surfing the “net” looking for interesting ideas for dates, I discovered this ebook. Immediately, I ordered it. AND, I remain a happy man for my decision.

Mr. Wray gives the reader the feeling that we are simply discussing the topic of dating with him. His examples take the reader from the most basic information, such as general lifestyles, to the more less familiar topics as body language, and where to meet quality women. Though at most times light hearted, his messages are always clear.

Every man involved in “the dating scene” should really take the time to purchase and read this book. The examples and insight provided by Mr. Wray can only help us. Especially, I enjoyed his phrase, “Think James Bond” and the supporting examples!

Finally, I’d just like to add that I sincerely hope that there aren’t a lot of woman who have purchased this book. I think I’d faint if I’m out on a date and a woman says to me, “Hey, did you read that in Bob Wray’s book?”, as I attempted to implement one of his suggestions literally.