Finding Real Russian Women Profiles On Russian Dating Sites

There is nothing more pleasant than browsing through the thousands of beautiful profiles on the sites on It’s almost as good as football! However, there is a psychological phenomenon that may occur once you get serious about your search.

When you are looking on a particular day you may get the sense that the profiles are “frozen in time”, meaning that the list is static. This is far from the truth. Rather you should think of the profiles as a “revolving door”.

When a lady submits her profile to AFA, she is filled with the hope of finding a soul mate in America or another Western country. Her motives are probably genuine the day she does this. But then life, time and circumstance begin to take their toll. There are many factors that contribute to this.

There is time. This is because all the numbers are so strongly in the man’s favor. Then there are the many meaningless letters sent by guys who will never get on a plane to visit them. Of course perhaps she has to move, she goes back with a boyfriend, there is illness in her family, etc. So, on occasion you may not get a reply to a letter you send.

If you notice during your search you will often encounter new additions. Every Wednesday, AFA posts dozens of new profiles on their site. This is what I mean about a “revolving door”. While some women will remove their profiles on occasion, many more will be added.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content. However, once you are serious about booking a trip, you should pay close attention to the current listings available in the city of your choice a few weeks beforehand.

Usually “what you see is what you get”. It is not often that a woman does not look like her profile, but it happens.

For the most part, the ladies are free to provide their own photos. Naturally they want to put their best foot forward (so should you, if you include a profile.) Often they will hire a professional or a talented friend. Perhaps they will even use Photoshop to enhance their image.

Look carefully at the photos. What do they tell you about the lady? Is she sitting on a motorcycle in a bikini? Are there poses on a bed in a brief negligee? Is she all made up like a super model? Is she posed at an exotic location?

On the other hand, are her photos natural? Is she dressed in a more normal fashion? Is she posed around town doing normal activities?

As men, we are very visual. Often we will not pay attention to the important details in the written portion of the profile in favor of the beautiful images we can enjoy. The ladies are also usually free to provide most of the details in their profile although the agency may embellish.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with viewing and enjoying the many beautiful profiles. The more beautiful the lady is, the more attention she will receive. She may get hundreds of letters. This is only natural.

What do you seek as a life partner? In all likelihood you are looking for an age appropriate “girl next door” who will love you for yourself and remain faithful for the rest of your life.

The competition among these ladies is great. It is hard to wrap our minds around it because we have become used to the domestic situation where we face strong competition. These ladies are seeking a life partner and have much to offer. Because of the way we are brought up and conditioned by our society, American men are sought after as potential husbands in Ukraine.

As men most of us offer fidelity, kindness and a stable lifestyle (not necessarily rich). This is very appealing to the vast majority of these ladies. The best way to really understand this is to travel to meet them.

One can understand why many of them will send out “intro” letters. Most often they will write the same letter to any number of men, hoping for a response. Not to make money, although some less than reputable agencies will pay them, but to attract your attention.

The Girl Next Door vs. The Super Model

It is enjoyable to view the “super model” types you will encounter on a dating site. But at the end of the day, you are probably much better off with a worthy, sincere girl.

As an alternative, consider a well-meaning “girl next door” type. What a girl like this offers is probable sincerity, faithfulness and the desire to be a great wife and mother. She may be from a smaller town and by all her photos and descriptions has much to offer. She may have a nice video which you can view.

Profile Standards Of Russian Women Dating Sites

Naturally in order for a profile to be accepted by a legitimate Russian Dating Site, the dating site must adhere to certain standards. Usually the ladies are free to say what they wish in their description and submit their own photos. As long as it does not border on nudity they will probably be accepted.

Consider that most beautiful Russian Women do not have much opportunity to meet eligible single men beyond their own regional barriers. This reality, for many Russian and Ukrainian Women, is the main reason to turn toward legitimate Dating Sites. The ladies are advertising themselves, their hopes and dreams, accomplishments, beliefs, and beauty. It may astound you, but many happy marriages have resulted through the use of proven dating sites with large memberships. In the end, it's a numbers game, all in your favor. As long as you are one of the few men who will actually travel to meet them, you can take advantage of this rich demographic of potential romance. This digital way of social introductions has turned the old business model on its head -because it works.

The competition among Russian and Ukrainian Women on dating sites can be severe, so naturally they want to put their best foot forward to encourage your interest. There is nothing wrong with this, but it can take a variety of forms.

Sometimes you will see an alluring profile of a very beautiful Russian Woman who has flawless makeup and luxurious clothes. Look at what she says in her description (if she actually wrote it). Does she like to travel and shop? Is she looking for a man who is generous? All of these may be red flags.

On the other hand, because of the competition, she may be trying too hard. It is difficult to judge her sincerity and expectations through a dating site profile.

Comments in Profiles

You can learn a great deal about a lady when viewing her profile, besides the lovely photos. Age, height and weight, children, profession and language may be included in the comment or description portion. Sometimes there are only a few sentences, like “I like pets and moonlight walks”. Do not dismiss a lady because of this. Often she may be shy and not know what to write or she is very private and she does not wish to reveal much. Perhaps she did not even write it. Sometimes it is the language barrier that prevents her from expressing herself. However, on occasion a lady may include a meaningful and complete commentary.

You may be confused by some words that are often included in comments. For example, “economist” does not mean the same thing as in America. It usually means that she is occupied in some form of commerce. “Cozy” is a nice term for keeping a comfortable home. “Family” may indeed include children, but not always. Some ladies mean a man and his wife.