Romance Tour - Time Management

Let’s consider a typical three city tour to the Ukraine. Of course, there are other offerings by AFA, some more, some less. How many hours are available for dating? How many for socials? After all, we can’t consider sleeping or travel time.

Well, my estimate is that there is a total of a bit over 100 hours available to you. About 8 will be used for bus travel among the cities. The socials will occupy 12 – 4 hours for each of 3 socials. I estimate that you will then have about 85 hours to date. Let’s do the percentages.

Socials – 11.4 %

Free dating time – 81 %

So, what does all this anal math work mean romantically? Well, your time at the socials is rather limited. Although they are simply terrific for meeting a great number of ladies (the odds are usually 10 to 1), you have to move fast and try to land as many dates as you can. During the first two hours the lights are up and the music is down – perfect for moving among the tables and chatting up the ladies. It reverses during the second half – good for dancing or inviting a lady to a quiet spot for conversation. There is often a bit of entertainment in between. Of course you can always invite a special lady out for a drink afterwards.

It is the free dating time that presents the strongest potential for meeting the right lady. You see, once you are alone with her and your interpreter, it’s your party and only yours. Success is in your hands. Dates can last between 1 or 3 hours, or even more. Being conservative about it, you could easily date 25 ladies or maybe more! A second or third date is certainly possible.

So, given all of this opportunity, if you return home with contact information for 4 or 5 ladies of strong interest you are doing very well. Of course you will have to remain in contact with them and return when you can.

I hope this helps you see the value of an AFA romance tour. Believe me, I have seen many men remain behind as the tour flew home and some get engaged on the spot. It’s possible.